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Founded in 2012 in Guadalajara, Mexico, Páramo is a contemporary art gallery that represents and advances the work and practices of artists from around the globe.

The concept of the name is based on the definition of the word “páramo” referred to the geographical area that remains resistant to climate changes. It is from this idea that the goal of the gallery is to be a space that coexist with the historical, artistic and cultural development of the western part of México, with a national and international projection.

The city of Guadalajara, located on the west coast of Mexico, is today the second richest and the third largest city in the country. The state of Jalisco is also one of the most important axes for artists in the country, both historically and contemporary.

Therefore, Páramo designs a hybrid model for its growing market and thriving artistic community, leaning strongly on providing a platform for its artists and their production, as well as the incorporation of projects within both institutional and commercial spaces.

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Av. Hidalgo 1228
Col. Americana, 44160
Guadalajara, Jalisco, México.

T. +52(33) 3825 0921



Monday – Friday | 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Closed on Saturday and Sunday.

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